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For most people, their home is their largest financial asset and when putting your house on the market, that should never be forgotten. 

It is important to seek the advice and knowledge of a licensed and experienced real estate professional to handle the details involved in the successful sale of a home for maximum profits.  As your agent I am aware of every aspect of the sales process.  From marketing the property to a large targeted audience to showing the property to prospective clients so you can go about your life as normal.  I will make sure every aspect of the deal is done to ensure the closing happens on the date scheduled. 

To maximize the selling price of the house I have prepared a list of ideas that should be addressed before listing your house: The first being curb appeal.  What does your house look like from the curb? That will be the very first impression made when a potential buyer arrives.  Like the old saying goes, you never get a second chance to make a first impression.  Make sure the yard is tidy, and the exterior of the house is clean. Tend to the flowerbeds, possibly planting flowers and spreading fresh mulch.  You would be surprised what a difference one weekend, a pressure washer, and five gallons of exterior paint can make. Sometimes five to ten thousand dollars!

Once inside, give the house a good once over in the cleaning department. Use air fresheners, clean receptacle covers, new blinds can be placed in every window for only a few dollars per window.  Change the shower curtain; maybe a new 'Welcome' doormat, or adding new fixtures can all make great impression in the buyer’s eyes.  Kitchens and bathrooms are often a focal point that buyers tend to gravitate to first.  Updating your kitchens and bathrooms does not mean remodeling.  New appliances, new cabinet doors, or even just contemporary hardware can have huge impact with a relatively small cost.  Small kitchen and bathroom updates generally have return of over 100% of their initial cost.  Freshen up! Again, a weekend a paintbrush can really bring an old house back to a new light. 

De-personalize, pick up family portraits, and remove all personal touches such as children’s drawings, keepsakes, and collectables.  A perspective buyer needs to visualize themselves living in that home, not try and figure out what makes the current occupant tick.

De-Clutter - Over many years living in a house, it is easy to accumulate items that may be of no value, but for whatever reason, you do not want to get rid of.  If the item is something you have not used in the last six months, box it up and move it out, it will only make the actual process of moving that much easier when the time comes.  Cabinets, counters, and closets need to be free of clutter.  A yard sale may be also be a good idea that will not only bring in much needed additional funds, but removes the unnecessary clutter that the buyer does not need to see.

You know that leaky faucet and broken fence that you've been putting off repairing for the last few months? Fix it! If you are aware of a potential problem, chances are the buyer will be also.  It may be a small problem in your eyes, but in the eyes of the buyer, it is money off of the asking price, which is money out of your pocket!

With the current economy as difficult and unstable as it is today, selling your home for a maximum profit requires a lot of preparation and hard work.  Let's face it, this day in time we are living in a "buyer's" market and with as many good deals out there that are currently on the market, the determining factors in sell a house will be price and exposure. Setting a list price is a key part to a good sale.  To determine the best listing price, I will compare your house to recently sold houses in your area, along with evaluating other houses currently on the market competing with yours.

Call me now and together we can begin the process of listing your house in this tricky market.  I will prepare a Local Market Analysis on your property for you free of charge to catch you up to date with current market trends.  Your house will be listed with the largest real estate company in the entire world, Century 21.  Century 21 is a household name with an excellent marketing machine already in place.  Together we can give you the edge needed to sell you home in today’s market.   Anyone can sell you house...You; Century 21 and myself can sell it for more!

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