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History has shown, that no matter what happens in the current markets, housing is still one of the number one long term investments available.  Owning a home comes with numerous benefits.  Not only is it like putting money in the bank each and every month, with a better return than most investments, it also allows you and your family share that special place called home.


Purchasing a home is generally one of the largest investments a person will make in their lifetime. With that being said, purchasing the perfect home requires time and thought. As your realtor, I can guide you through this process and make home buying easier.


Before you begin your search for the perfect house, you should get a pen and paper and answer a few questions about yourself and your family’s lifestyle and create a prioritized list of what you want your perfect house to be.  Do not only consider where you are currently in your life, but also try to anticipate where you intend to be over the next few years.  Outline all of your priorities, and work on finding not just the perfect house, but the perfect house for you!


What are you and your family’s current hobbies and interests? Are the predominately based inside of the house, which a larger family would accommodate better, or is more time spent outside, to which a larger yard would suite you better.  What type of home do you desire, newer or older? Brick, wood, vinyl, stucco? I've seen houses built out of mud and straw! The possibilities are endless.  Do you eat out or dine in.  If you eat out more, you may want to live closer to a business district.  A well-equipped kitchen may be a drawing card for those who love to cook.  Will you be working from home? Will you need a designated room that will become your personal home office?  If working at home is not an option, how far will the commute be for you and family members to school, work, stores and events?  Even if you do not have children you may want to consider the school district in which your chosen house sits, should you ever sell that house, school districts may determine the amount of time your house sits on the market.   


Once you decide what type of house is best for your situation, the next thing to decide is even more important, probably the most important thing to consider when purchasing your house. LOCATION! You have probably heard this before, but I will say it again.  There are three things that determine value in a property, Location! Location! Location!  I stress this because I truly feel this is more important than any other factor when purchasing a home.  Not only does a home in a great location hold its value better, but when the time comes to sell the house and move on to your next home, you do not want a beautiful house placed in and undesirable area that will not sell, prohibiting your next move.  Houses in desirable locations sell faster and generally for more money than identical houses in a less desirable area.  Once you choose your location, spend some time in the neighborhood, drive around the area at different times of the day and night, weekdays and weekends.  Should you find anything not to your liking, you will be much happier that you found it now, before you sign a contract.


The next step to purchasing your home is speaking with your chosen mortgage lender and obtaining a letter of pre-approval.  This letter along with your offer to purchase tells the seller that you are serious about buying their property and already have obtained the necessary funding to expedite the deal. Be sure to visit my Mortgage 101 page on my website to learn everything about the mortgage process.


Now that you have found your perfect house, in the perfect location, you now must arrive at a perfect price!  Determining that price is not that difficult as long as everyone involved in the negotiations remembers that although the buyer wants the price to be lower and the seller wants the price to be higher, there is usually a happy median that can take place with two motivated parties.  Remember, the advertised price is just a starting point, generally leaving room for negotiations to arrive at a more desirable final price.


Please do not be afraid to ask questions.  If you do not understand a term or situation, feel free to ask me anything.  I will be more than happy to assist you through your home buying process as much as you feel necessary.  Don't make such a big decision alone, let me help you make the best move you'll ever make.


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